Household Recycling

Published: 04 November 2020

All 10 of Dorset Council’s Household Recycling Centres (HRCs, or “the tip”) will remain open daily during the latest lockdown period, but restrictions will apply on site.

Latest government guidance puts strong restrictions on travel to help reduce non-essential journeys. Therefore, householders should only take waste to a HRC if it cannot be stored safely at home and no alternative disposal options are available.

All recycling centres will be open from 10am to 4pm daily. Visitors should expect queues to access HRCs due to social distancing measures limiting the amount of people we can have on site at any one time.

Visitors should expect queues to access HRCs due to a reduction in the number of available parking bays, aiding with social distancing and limiting how many people we can have on site at any one time. Re-use areas will be closed to reduce contact with items and encourage visitors to leave quickly after waste has been dropped off.

All usual waste types will continue to be accepted, including garden waste. Site staff will be unable to assist with carrying items. While face-coverings are not mandatory, visitors should always comply with social distancing guidance on-site, washing their hands both before and after they visit.

To help reduce the need to travel to HRCs, householders should continue to maximise the use of their kerbside waste and recycling collection services. You can always put out additional recycling, glass and food waste at the kerbside provided it is separated properly and placed in sturdy containers that can be easily and comfortably lifted by one person.

Further information can be found on the Dorset Council website.