Planning Applications

Please note the below are the applications which the Council have been notified of and are being formally consulted on (you can click the references for more information).
If you wish to view all of the planning applications for the Parish including any tree work applications please visit the North Dorset Planning page.


Nebraska Lodge, Havelins, Stourpaine, DT11 8TH

APPROVED | Erect garden room and pergola (retrospective).


Buildings And Land At Ash Farm A350, Okeford Road To Shaston Road, Stourpaine, Dorset

APPROVED | Change of use of agricultural building to service agricultural equipment and erect 2 No. shipping containers.


4 Hod View, Stourpaine, DT11 8TN

APPROVED | Sever land and erect 1 No. detached dwelling, create new vehicular and pedestrian access and form 2 No. parking spaces.


Brook Cottage, 41 Manor Road, Stourpaine, DT11 8TQ

WITHDRAWN | Develop the land by the erection of 1 No. dwelling (demolish existing workshop). (Outline application with all matters reserved).


Land At Hod Hill, Manor Road, Stourpaine, Dorset

APPROVED | Erect 3 No. freestanding single sided non-illuminated orientation boards.


5 Manor Road, Stourpaine, DT11 8TQ

APPROVED | Erect vernacular brick and flint wall and replacement shed, demolish existing fence, hedge and timber shed.


7 Havelins, Stourpaine, Dorset, DT11 8TH

APPROVED | Erect rear extensions and carry out alterations to dwelling (demolish existing garage).


Land At E 386316 N 109601 Hod View, Stourpaine, Dorset

AWAITING DECISION | Demolish garages and develop land by the erection of up to 30 No. affordable dwellings; form vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, and landscaping. (Outline application to determine access).


Former Village Hall, Bottom Road, Stourpaine, Dorset, DT11 8TA

APPROVED | This is an application to change the detail of the landscaping agreement, which SPC has been having constantly making representations to the owners (the Housing Association) about.


Norton View, Shaston Road, Stourpaine, DT11 8TA

APPROVED | An outline application has been approved to build five houses on the land adjacent to Norton View; outbuildings will be demolished but the house retained. An earlier plan for nine houses was refused. The developer has still to provide detailed plans which will be available for comment and will need to be approved. SPC did not have any substantial objection to either plan.


3 Havelins Courtyard

AWAITING DECISION | Erection of garden room and wall. Date for comments 14th September 2020


Parsonage Farm, Manor Road, Stourpaine, Dorset, DT11 8TQ

AWAITING DECISION | Erect single storey extension, install Velux rooflights and convert barn into an annex. Date for Comments 26th September 2020


Pinesway 20 Shaston Road Stourpaine DT11 8TA

Erection of Double Garage – comments due 26th October 2020


2 Hod View Stourpaine DT11 8TN

Subdivision of existing dwelling to form 2. No dwellings. Comments due by 3rd December 2020.


3 Church View Shaston Road Stourpaine DT11 8SS

Erection of single storey extension. Comments due by 8th December 2020.


Ash Farm, Freedown House A350 - Okeford Road To Shaston Road Stourpaine DT11 8PW

Change of use from agricultural land to station 4 No. shepherds huts and additional buildings to be used in conjunction with fourth hut. Form 5 No. parking spaces (part retrospective). Comments due 29th December 2020.


Droveway Cottage Bushes Road Stourpaine Blandford Forum DT11 8SZ

Construct 40m x 24m Outdoor Horse Arena


The Stables, Bushes Farm-Bushes Rd Stourpaine DT11 8SU

Erection of stable block and storage building (demolition of existing stable block and storage building) Date for comments expires 01/02/2021


Land at Bottom Road, Stourpaine

Change of use of an agricultural building into 1 no. dwelling including 2 no. parking spaces and turning area.


Land at Oak Farm A350 Okeford Rd to Shaston Rd

Erect New Agricultural Barn for livestock and storage


Land at Oak Farm A350 Okeford Rd to Shaston Rd

Erect New Agricultural Barn for livestock and storage


Land at Oak Farm A350 Okeford Rd to Shaston Rd

Erect New Agricultural Barn for livestock and storage


1 Bottom Road Stourpaine DT11 8TF

Demolish existing car ports, remove hedge and erect double garage/car port (Retrospective). Comments due 17th December 2020


Lazerton Farm House A350- Okeford Road to Shaston Rd.

Convert garage to form additional living accommodation and replace 16 no. windows


Lazerton Farm House A350- Okeford Rd to Shaston Rd

Convert Garage to form additional living accommodation and replace 16 no. windows. Block up internal door and create new opening. Remove an existing wall and insulate some walls with plasterboard. Carry out internal alterations.


Iwerne Cottage, 1 Hod Drive, Stourpaine

Erect Shed


60 Shaston Rd Stourpaine

Erect Double Garage


Havelins Farm House Havelins Stourpaine

Erection of a Victorian Style Greenhouse



Erect Single Storey Extension (Demolish Existing)


600 Houses in Blandford

Hybrid planning application for the phased development for up to 600 No. dwellings and non-residential uses. Please visit the Dorset Council website to see the Parish Council's objections to this proposal. Comments are due by 6th January 2021.


Poppins Farm Bushes Road

Erect 3 no. Agricultural Buildings


Poppins Farm Bushes Road

Erection of 3 Agricultural Buildings


6 Hod View Stourpaine Blandford Forum DT11 8TN

Develop land by the erection of 1 No. dwelling, form vehicular access. Comments due 15th December 2020.


Norton View Shashton Road Stourpaine DT11 8TA

Erection of 5 no. dwellings (Reserved matter application to determine appearance and scale following the grant of Outline Planning Permission No 2/2020/0351/OUT

SPC Response to Dorset Local Plan